Alumni Achievement Awards Nomination Form

Nominations for 2015 are now being accepted. Deadline: June 10, 2015.

A complete nomination shall include a completed form (below) and two (2) letters of support from additional referees. Letters of support should either be emailed to or faxed to Alumni Association Achievement Awards Selection Committee at (306) 966-5571.

Consider the following about your nominee when making a submission:

  • Has achieved excellence, leadership, and/or innovation in their chosen field of endeavor
  • Has made outstanding contributions to the social, cultural, and economic well-being of society
  • Has made a significant contribution that reflects well on and/or benefits the U of S and the Alumni Association

* If principal nominator is not a U of S graduate, at least one of the two additional letters of support must be from a U of S alumnus. 

Please read the terms of reference carefully before submitting your nomination form.

For questions, please contact us.

Sample Summary of Achievements.

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Please provide information about who has provided letters of support. If the principal nominator is not a U of S alumnus at least one of the letters of support must be from a U of S alumnus.