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All University of Saskatchewan graduates are members of the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association.



Dr. Farrah Mateen, MD’05, recently initiated Harvard Medical School’s program in global health and neurology. She has consulted with the World Health Organization and the United Nations studying neurological disorders in some of the world’s most vulnerable populations, where people face famine, war, natural disasters and other forms of social disruption.

As a graduate, you're one too—a member of the U of S Alumni Association—150,000 strong and growing.


About the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association

Representing over 150,000 alumni living in 117 countries around the globe, the U of S Alumni Association is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization that works in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan to strengthen the bond between alumni and the university.

The University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association:

  • is dedicated to adding value to the lives of all U of S graduates through a number of special benefits and services
  • strives to build an involved community of graduates around the world
  • encourages a lifelong relationship with the university and fellow alumni
  • is committed to celebrating and encouraging the success of all its graduates

Our Mission

Building upon the proud history and tradition of the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association encourages and fosters lifelong involvement of alumni in the life of the university. It is committed to adding value to the lives of all alumni by engaging the community of graduates and celebrating alumni success throughout the world.

Since its inception in 1917, the Alumni Association has grown to include over 150,000 alumni living worldwide. Our graduates have gone on to become, among other things, Rhodes scholars, Nobel prize winners, prime ministers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, scholars, teachers, nurses, and actors. Each year, approximately 3,500 new graduates join our alumni family.