Affinity Programs

Affinity Partner Seal of ApprovalWe currently have partnerships agreements with

Why we have affinity programs
The University of Saskatchewan Alumni Relations office, in consultation with the U of S Alumni Association, manages a variety of programs and services for alumni. These programs include alumni events and branch contacts, the Green & White alumni magazine, access to campus services and affinity programs. An affinity program is an agreement between the University of Saskatchewan and a business partner to offer discounts and services to alumni in areas such as travel, insurance or financial services. In addition to discounts and services for alumni, affinity partners give a portion of their business back to the university to help support and enhance the alumni programs managed by the Alumni Relations office. Affinity partnerships also provide sponsorship opportunities for other university events and programs as well as two scholarships for children of alumni.

How affinity partners are selected
We are approached by numerous vendors each year. Each vendor is carefully screened by members of the Affinity Program Review Committee (APRC) to ensure that the company is reputable and its services are of value to our alumni. If the proposal passes the value test then it is given the U of S Official Alumni Partner Seal of Approval and a partnership agreement is signed. The APRC consists of volunteers from Corporate Administration, Purchasing Services, Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

How affinity partnerships benefit alumni
We are able to negotiate preferred rates on services for our alumni (e.g. group insurance rates) and/or help our alumni benefit from special promotions (e.g.  Bonus AIRMILES and Student Price Card discounts on credit cards). In addition, Affinity partnerships help provide funds so that we can offer free or low cost events and services to our alumni.  The arrangement with each affinity partner varies, but in general, we receive a small percentage of the net fees or purchases (e.g. credit card purchases, insurance premiums). 

We respect the privacy of alumni
From time to time we will send information regarding alumni benefits and services to our alumni. The Alumni Relations office oversees the distribution of these marketing materials through the services of a contracted mailing house; your personal information remains confidential and is never released to any of our affinity partners. Just like we protect the privacy of our alumni by never releasing contact information directly to our affinity partners, our affinity partners also protect their clients’ privacy. They will share aggregate data with us so we do know how many alumni take part in their programs/services but we never know specific names.

If you prefer not to receive information regarding alumni benefits and services, or alumni travel opportunities, please contact Advancement and Community Engagment, Alumni Relations at (306) 966-5186, toll-free at 1-800-699-1907 or