Golden Grads Memory Wall

Marie Ellen McMunn (BA'71, PGD'04) shared the following photos and memories:

Golden Grad Marie Ellen McMunn (BA'71, PGD'04) didn’t take the usual path to obtain her USask degree. It started out as a dream, but through persistence, dedication and hard work, McMunn is able to stand tall amongst her peers. Proudly, she recalls her road to obtain her education and employment history in this post.

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Linda Voss nee Cheston (BSCMLT'71), of Brantford, ON shared the following photos and memories:

"Our BSC MLT class was small with 8 students starting in the College of Medicine course in 1968. We were integrated with the medical and dental students for the first three years of our degree program. This was followed by a fourth year of hospital lab practicum training for six of us while two of our group continued on with the MD program. Following national certification, the remaining six of us went to work as Medical Laboratory Technologists in hospitals in various provinces. 

One of our group sadly passed away a number of years ago but the remaining five of us have had several reunions over the years. Not everyone has been able to attend each reunion, but we always take a group photo on the stairs inside the Admin building. 

Admin building photos from 2006, 2011 and 2019.

We also went to our 40th year reunion in 2011. We went to the reunion banquet and had breakfast with the Dean of Medicine where we recreated our second-year photo.” 

Linda Voss - then and now 

We were all so young 50 years ago! First my BSCMLT grad photo and then a recent photo taken while back in Saskatoon at my niece’s wedding. It was fun to show my adult children around my old stomping grounds. So many good memories! 

Linda Voss with peers 

Photo with BSC MLT peers

Linda Voss - reunion photo in 2011


Linda Voss - 40 year reunion 2011

"Here are the 5 of us from our (BSC MLT) class photo in 1969-1970 (our second year). 

Front row: Linda Voss nee Cheston, Loretta (Lori) Lindberg-Tunheim nee Reynaud, Iris Engesetter nee Bodnarchuk 

Back Row: Lynn Hollick nee Martin, Dorothy Rempel nee Newmann 

Linda Voss - Reunion


Linda Voss - reunion


Barry Graham (BA’65, BEd’71, BAPE’71) shared the following photos and memories:

Barry Graham - 3 degrees

  "Post-secondary education: Three degree certificates:

  • 1965 Bachelor of Arts, double major in PE and Chemistry
  • 1971 Bachelor of Education
  • 1971 Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education"

Barry Graham - Intramural football champions

"College of Physical Education or Kinesiology today. I have great memories of this college and all the profs: Dr. H Nixen, Dr. B Mirwald, Dr. P Lawson, Dr. P Jackson, Dr. Rick Bell, Dr. Dick Bell, Dr. L Gusthardt, Dr. C Anderson and Mark Tennant to name a few. The two intramural leaders, Kelly Bowers and Bob Gibb were full of enthusiasm. I remember the 9-man tackle football team winning the intramural championship in 1970 (team picture and certificate). I am in the front row, 2nd from the left. A small college at the time but full of spirit."

Barry Graham - art and plaques

"Saskatchewan Physical Education Association. I was involved on the Provincial Executive from 1984- 92. I was president in 1985-86. I received the Paul Renwick Award in 1989 (activity picture and 2 plaques). Regarding the Paul Renwick Award, Paul was a strong proponent and visionary for Physical Education in the school system. He envisioned that every student from K-12 to have the opportunity to be involved in daily Physical Education scheduled or timetabled into the school day. A great idea. He taught in the Regina School System and was also a part time Executive Director at the same time until his untimely passing with cancer. Thus, the Paul Renwick Award was initiated by SPEA in Paul’s memory to recognize annually an individual that exemplifies the importance of Physical Education programming to all students K-12 in Saskatchewan schools. It is SPEA’s highest honour today. In 1994 I became the first full time Executive Director for SPEA with a provincial office. The aim was to help teachers offer their students quality Physical Education. I retired in 2003 after 9 years running the provincial office for SPEA."

Barry Graham - service award

"Teaching career, 30-year plaque and certificate. 

My 30 years were: 1 year at Carlyle Elementary School in Carlyle SK, 24 years at Harris Tessier Central School, Harris, SK., 5 years at Rosetown Central High School, Rosetown, SK. My main focus was teaching Physical Education along with other subjects, mainly in the Science area. I had a rewarding career in teaching as well as coaching in several sports. Volleyball coaching was a favourite both in high school and the Provincial Volleyball Association. Mark Tennant was a great mentor. I retired from teaching in 1994."

Mary Ellen “Marty” Murray (BA’69, BA’71) and Lynn (Martin) Hollick (BSCMLT'71) shared the following photos and memories:

Mary Ellen (Marty) Murray

“Here I am with my parents Gabriel and Josephine Murray on the grounds of the Centre of the Arts, Regina after the Convocation Ceremony. I was granted Bachelor of Arts, Honours French May 1971. Marty is the nickname by which many of my fellow students/ colleagues knew me. 

After my BA’71, I followed-up with a B.Ed. with Distinction from U of Regina, and later an MBA from U of Toronto.  

Now I live in Calgary, after stints working for the provincial government (Regina), for Royal Bank (Toronto) and teaching assignments in Switzerland, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Alberta.  

On a personal interest note, one of the best things about living in Calgary is that it is only about a 2 hour drive to go skiing at Lake Louise (unlike the 8 plus hours from Regina).”

- Mary Ellen “Marty” Murray (BA’69, BA’71)


Lynn (Martin) Hollick

Grad photo

- Lynn (Martin) Hollick (BSCMLT'71)

I. Darlene Shulver Thompson (BEd’71) shared the following photos and memories:


Painting in Wynona Mulcaster’s art class at Teacher’s College and also enjoying the sculpture class with Bill Epp at the U of S.

Experiencing Outdoor Pottery Firing in the countryside near Saskatoon.

The U of S lawns and flower beds were always beautiful.

Walking to the classes on those cold, crisp Saskatoon winter mornings. 

Amused with Mr. Poretsky’s humour in his Anthroplogy class.

Writing a final exam in a huge room full of students when the supervisor deliberately let out a big yell. We all jumped and then laughed. I’d say that it broke the tension. 

Shaking John Diefenbaker’s hand at convocation 

Illa Darlene Shulver Thompson


Sculpture of plaster of paris face

Plaster of paris face sculpture from art class

Pottery cat

Pottery cat from art class

Pottery bowl

Pottery bowl from art class

Irene Wallace (BEd’71) shared the following photos and memories:

"1970-71 PESO – our Physical Education Student Society. I am 2nd row from front, 2nd person in from the right.

Palma Award winner – As posted in Regina Leader Post, 'Outstanding contribution: Irene Wallace, fourth-year physical education student at Regina Campus, was presented the Palma Award on Friday for her outstanding contribution to women’s athletics. Wallace played basketball for four years, three as captain of the team, field hockey for two years and participated in volleyball and speed swimming.' ” 

Irene Wallace


Irene Wallace top female athlete


Donald Sterzuk (BA’68, BEd’71) shared the following photos and memories:

Don Sterzuk

Convocation - spring 1971

Donald Sterzuk (BA’68, BEd’71)

Don Sterzuk yearbook

Photo from the USask teacher’s college yearbook.

Donald Sterzuk (BA’68, BEd’71)

Richard MacPhail (BA'69, Arts'71) shared the following photos and memories:

Here are some photos of an astonishingly bright sundog taken on campus in December, 1970. I have never seen anything like it ever before, or ever since. 

Sundog 1


Sundog 2


Johnny Skorobohach (BSc’71, Sc’73) shared the following photos and memories:

Johnny Skorobhach

"I received a gift from my sister, Irene, on my graduation day."

- Johnny Skorobohach (BSc’71, Sc’73)

Johnny Skorobhach

"A picture of myself, Johnny Skorobohach, in a black gown. I received my degree from Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.” 

- Johnny Skorobohach (BSc’71, Sc’73)

Ron Zerr (BAPE'71, BEd'72, MEd'85) shared the following photos and memories:

"I graduated with a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Saskatchewan in 1971.  From 1967 to 1971, while doing my undergraduate studies at the U of S, I was very fortunate to be a sprinter on a very strong and competitive U of S Track and Field Team.  Lyle Sanderson was head coach of the team at that time.   

In 1969-70 the University of Saskatchewan Huskie Men’s Track and Field Team won the WCIAA Conference Championship and went on to win the first ever CIAU National title.  In 1970-71 the U of S Track and Field Men’s Team won another WCIAA Conference Championship and another CIAU National title as well.  This was a tremendous accomplishment for the University of Saskatchewan Track and Field team and program and was made possible by the outstanding dedicated athletes and coaches of the team led by head coach Lyle Sanderson. 

After I completed my undergraduate studies at the U of S in 1971, I was asked by coach Lyle if I would be interested in co-coaching the U of S Track and Field Team with him.  It was indeed a privilege to be asked by coach Lyle to coach with him and I was honoured to do so.  Lyle was known to be the best coach in our conference, if not the best in the country, he inspired his athletes to be the best they could be on the track and in the classroom and he also taught me to how to be the best coach I could be, having the opportunity to coach along side and learn from him for the number of years we coached together at the U of S.  

I have great memories, life long friends and tremendous gratitude for the opportunities given me that resulted from attending the University of Saskatchewan. 

Please find team photos of the University of Saskatchewan Track and Field teams when I was a member on the team and also when I a coach of the team."

Many more memories shared...

"I was honoured to win the most outstanding graduate in my class of 71 in the faculty of Education.  After convocation, John Diefenbaker looked me up to congratulate me and we had a short conversation. My parents were with me and they were so excited to visit with former Prime Minister Diefenbaker.  A highlight of my 1971 convocation!"

Darryl Bangsund (BEd'71)


"My name is Murray Tufts and besides having a BA, Bed and Phd from UofS I am a past president of the UofS alumni association. When I was president I was privy to president Leo Kristjansen’s quest to obtain paintings for the Kenderdine gallery. I believe other universities were vying for the paintings so the president made a personal visit to Mrs. Kenderdine which we believe was instrumental in procuring the very valuable paintings for the UofS."

James Murray Tufts (BA’71, BEd’84, PhD’96)


"I remember all the interesting times that we had when I chaired the Exchange Committee between the University of Saskatchewan and the State University of Chernivtsi in Ukraine from 1982-1986. At that time Ukraine was still part of the Soviet Union and the professors who came over found it hard to believe the freedoms that we enjoyed in Canada. They were free to travel, visit, speak to whomever they wanted to, and go about their daily affairs without someone watching over them. For them, life in Canada was truly a novel and liberating experience."

Roma Franko (BA’59, BEd’61, MA’71)


“On the first day of the fall term I was reading in the Law library when I felt someone's eyes on me. I looked up and there he was - my forever man. 

I sometimes wondered if there was such a thing as a love that lasts forever; but I became sure of the answer a few days ago when I realized that I am in love with my husband as much today as I was when I married him almost 50 years ago. 

I called him my A & W Man, meaning Always & Wherever. I always will, even though he died 6 years ago. RIP William Russell Stinson (LLB'72).” 

Donna Mae Stinson (BA’68, LLB’71)


“I was a sixteen year old boy, a dunce, struggling in school in Trinidad, in a school founded by Canadian missionaries - missionaries who came from a church which later became The United Church of Canada. 

My parents, as an expedient move versus an act of surrender, sent me to Canada to live with my brother, also a grad (1959) of The University of Saskatchewan. My parents had hoped that a change of environment would spark ‘the boy’ into doing better. 

I continued to do poorly in the Canadian high-school such that the principal said, ‘….this boy has no academic potential.’ 

Surprisingly, I did exceptionally well in the final exams of 1964, and pleading my case to the registrar at Regina College, he took a chance on me and stated, ‘If you fail one course, out you go.’ 

I have always been thankful for this opportunity because I went on to achieve a BA and BEd., and became a biology and chemistry teacher in Saskatchewan and in BC. After four years of teaching, I gained admission to medical school and have recently retired after thirty four years as a family physician. 

I have written two novels in my retirement, my new book, Love Has Two Moons and Other Stories, is available on Amazon.” 

Franklin S.C. Mohan (BA’68, BEd’71), Regina Campus 


“I got involved in many activities throughout my years on campus - in fact too many. I received a “talking to” by the powers that be to reduce activities and involvement and focus on my classes. 

I really enjoyed the lab and field work in archaeology working during the class years and during the summers in between. Anthropology became my focus of studies and I ended up working professionally in two museums after completing three years in the Arts and Science programs. I ended up being able to travel to other countries while working in petroleum exploration and my anthropology studies were major influences on my leisure time in Malta, Libya and China. 

During my years studying at the university I continued with my interests in writing poetry from growing up and ended up becoming the editor and producer of a poetry, prose, art and photography anthology called “Five After Five” supported and paid for by the university. All the contributors of the contents were students of the university. This anthology had originated a couple of years earlier and I was lucky enough to be able to bring it back into publication. I’ve continued to write and have published a book of poetry as well as being included in several anthologies in Edmonton.” 

David Crone (BA'71)


“The Chisholm connection to the University of Saskatchewan started with my father, W.A. Chisholm. He was a veteran of WW1 and Vimy serving with the Eleventh Field Ambulance. He was discharged in 1919, he then enrolled in the College of Pharmacy and graduated with the class of 1920.

The next one was my brother who also was a veteran of WW2 serving in the Navy doing convey duty on the Atlantic. He enlisted when he was 17 years old having completed his grade 12. He was discharged in 1945 and started his University of Saskatchewan studies in chemistry. He received a Master Degree and then went to the university in Laval, QC where he earned his Doctorate in chemistry.

It was then my turn. I graduated in 1971 which makes me a Golden Grad. I did not see that coming. 

Last but not least my granddaughter, Emma Burke, who received her undergraduate degree in 2013 and her Master in Physical Therapy in 2015. 

We must thank the University of Saskatchewan for a first class education and a true Golden Grad with connections to Kindersley Sask. GO Riders GO!” 

Doug Chisholm (CertAdmin'71)


"I was inspired to study nursing by an aunt who was a nurse. Her stories always fascinated me. I had looked at a 3 year hospital program but then U of S shortened their 5 year degree program to 4 years and my mind was made up to attend university.

Meeting new people, trying new things, such as learning judo and being exposed to new ideas made university a positive experience for me.

My favourite part of the academic program was being part of a small group on the wards and going to Yorktown for our public health experience.

I had a fabulous career working as a nurse for 45 years. Nursing allowed me to work in areas such as VON (similar to Home Care today), occupational health (I returned to school to obtain an occupational health nursing certificate) and public health. My last job, working with disadvantaged pregnant women, was my favourite. It was wonderful to end my career on a high note, knowing that I had had a positive impact on many people and had enjoyed going to work every day.

Now that I’m retired I spend my time hiking (did the trek to Machu Picchu when I turned 70), gardening, travelling and doing things with my grandchildren."

Valerie Dennis (BSN'71)


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