Students are at the heart of the University of Saskatchewan's mission and together, we can ensure they are given the best experience possible and have access to unique opportunities during their time here on campus. You can choose to support students through one of the following options such as the Centennial Fund or learn more about creating a student award.

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Campaign for Students

Donations to support scholarships can give hard-working students the helping hand they need to suceed in many different ways - from tuition assistance for those who need it most, to recognition for remarkable academic and artistic achievements. Your gift to the Campaign for Students gives students an extra boost when they need it most.

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Centennial Fund

The Centennial Fund was created in 2007, the University's 100th Anniversary year, to create new student award funding. Your support provides increased student award funding to assist the students of today and tomorrow, allowing greater opportunities for them to achieve academic success.

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Gordon Oakes Redbear Student Centre

The Gordon Oakes Redbear Student Centre is a facility that will provide Aboriginal students with the ability to centrally access student resources and amenities, cultural and social events, student support and services, as well as encouraging and strengthening relationships among all.

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Huskie Athletics

We are all Huskies! Your support to Huskie Athletics provides fields, courts and facilities our athletes can enjoy, helps purchase game and training equipment to help our athletes perform their best and provides them with the resources they need to be at the top of their game.

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Innovation and Opportunity Matching Campaign

Right now your donations to support students go even further with the Innovation and Opportunity Matching Campaign. Through a vital partnership with the provincial government, your support towards student scholarships in areas of innovation and significance to the university and our province will be doubled. You can choose to support students in all colleges through gifts to the Innovation and Opportunity Matching Funds, or create your own named scholarship.

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President's Student Experience Fund

Your support of the President's Student Experience Fund can help a student travel to New Zealand for an educational conference or to Guatemala to help in rebuilding a community or allow a student to participate in unique competitions. This is a reserve fund that supports student projects that may not otherwise receive funding because of their unique nature.

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Other Ways to Support

If you have a specific way that you would like to support the University of Saskatchewan, but do not see it listed here, please contact our office and we will be happy to help you.

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Set up a Student Award

Establishing a student award is a rewarding journey. You can honour or remember family members, help tomorrow's students as you were helped, or give back to the university that gave you your start. The University of Saskatchewan is happy to work with you to ensure your award is able to have the impact you envision.

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University Library

When a student steps on to campus for the first time, they are looking for helpful resources. Your support of the University Library makes sure they have access to important resources and functional spaces to support learning and collaboration. You can help continue improving the library, ensuring that services are available to students for years to come.