Give to your College or School

Why not direct your support to where it all began? As a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, you surely have fond memories of your experience in your college. Or maybe you’re intrigued by work in a particular discipline. With a variety of colleges and schools to support, you can choose to make your impact in an area that interests you.

Picture of Agriculture and Bioresources

Agriculture and Bioresources

You can help develop nutritous and affordable food to meet the demands of a healthy and growing world population. You can help protect and preserve our natural wetlands. Your support of the College of Agriculture and Bioresoures ensures that we can promote the responsible use of land, water and bioresources used to provide products and services that enhance quality of life.

Picture of Arts and Science

Arts and Science

You can help an archaeologist unearth history. You can provide the encouragement for an aspiring author to pen their first piece. With its unique disciplinary breadth, the College of Arts and Science strives to advance the individual, embrace diversity, enrich society, preserve culture, while creating a sustainable civil world and natural environment.

Picture of Dentistry


Supporting dentistry makes you smile. You can help ensure the College of Dentistry program remains one of the best in the country. Our program educates future dentists to provide high quality oral health care to the people of Saskatchewan and to advance clinical and scientific knowledge through research.

Picture of Education


The gift of education is one of the most important gifts you can give. Your support of the College of Education helps us improve the services, resources and equipment needed to give future educators the best possible start.

Picture of Edwards School of Business

Edwards School of Business

The Edwards School of Business has a strong history of success because of the people who have supported it. People like you. Your gifts directly enhance the student experience through scholarships and awards, support for student competitions, career services and other valuable programs and initiatives. By supporting Edwards, your help provides an excellent and well-rounded educational experience for students, and helps prepare them for careers in the business world.

Picture of Engineering


You can help create the next generation of USask Engineers, the engineers the world needs. With your gift, we can deliver a robust, hands-on education and provide the supports our students need to reach their full potential.

Picture of Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

The School of Environment and Sustainability sees possibilities for a better environment and more sustainable communities; possibilities that you can make a reality. Students learn about the complexity of environmental issues and how to work collaboratively towards sustainable solutions. With your help, students are provided opportunities to address important challenges of regional, national and international significance. Our students and alumni are ambassadors for sustainability and agents of change in their communities – leading to an overall healthier planet for all.

Picture of Graduate Studies and Research

Graduate Studies and Research

Developing coping techniques for fibromyalgia. Studying the metabolism of polar bears. These are only a few of the ways U of S graduate students have impacted the world; none of which would have been possible without your support. The College of Graduate Studies and Research promotes excellence in graduate education shaping the knowledgeable leaders of our future.

Picture of Huskie Athletics

Huskie Athletics

We are all Huskies! Your support of Huskie Athletics provides scholarships, fields, courts and facilities our student-athletes and community can enjoy. Your generosity helps supply game and training equipment to help our student-athletes perform their best and provides them with the resources they need to be at the top of their game.

Picture of Kinesiology


Your support to the College of Kinesiology gets people moving. Through the generation of knowledge and understanding in human movement, the college encourages, promotes and supports physical activity of people of all ages. By supporting the college, you can help a Kinesiology student reach their full potential, enhance the programs, facilities, faculty, research within the college and much more.

Picture of Law


More than 300 students call the College of Law home and your support has a direct impact on their success in one of the most challenging and rewarding legal educations in Canada.

Picture of Medicine


You know the importance of having educated health professionals, groundbreaking research and reliable clinical care. By supporting the College of Medicine, you are ensuring that education, research and clinical care services continue to be improved and advanced.

Picture of Nursing


Improvements to health care are the result of highly skilled and well educated health-care professionals empowered to make change. Nurses are well positioned within schools, health regions and communities to make improvements to health that benefit you and your family. Your support of the College of Nursing will help extend this reach.

Picture of Pharmacy and Nutrition

Pharmacy and Nutrition

College of Pharmacy and Nutrition is working to provide a healthier future for you, your community and the world. You can help make sure this positive work continues. Your support helps develop skilled and caring pharmacy and nutrition professionals and scientists, and create knowledge through excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, outreach and engagement.

Picture of Rehabilitation Science

Rehabilitation Science

Someday you may need the assistance of a physical therapist, as do the injured athletes who are then able to return to the field after a sports injury or a senior who is assisted with regaining their strength after a broken hip has healed. By supporting the School of Rehabilitation Science, you help the school achieve excellence in scholarly activities through teaching, research and clinical practice and to maintain high quality academic physical therapy programs.

Picture of Program of Legal Studies for Native People

Program of Legal Studies for Native People

The Program of Legal Studies for Native People (PLSNP) is like no other program in the country: over 8 weeks, it prepares Aboriginal students from across Canada for success in law school. When you support the PLSNP, you contribute to opening up access to legal education, increasing the representation of Indigenous people in the legal profession, and facilitating the successes of Indigenous students. Your gift ensures that Aboriginal students have the best possible resources, learning opportunities, and support to flourish as law students.

Picture of Public Health

Public Health

You can help the School of Public Health improve your health and the health of your community. Together with your support, the school is able to improve lives through the creation, dissemination and application of public health knowledge, the education of leaders, social change, partnerships with service providers, and service to the broader community.

Picture of Public Policy

Public Policy

Your support of the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy (JSGS) provides students with a full spectrum of public policy and administration education. The Masters and PhD programs challenge students to exercise their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and to address policy issues that have a regional, national and international focus.

Picture of University Library

University Library

When a student steps on to campus for the first time, they are looking for helpful resources. Your support of the University Library makes sure they have access to important resources and functional spaces to support learning and collaboration. You can help continue improving the library, ensuring that services are available to students for years to come.

Picture of Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

The WCVM is Western Canada's premier centre of veterinary education, research and expertise. WCVM graduates consistently achieve above-average scores on national licensing examinations and many go on to complete specialized training through clinical internships and post-graduate programs. You make this happen. Your support allows the WCVM to provide a internationally-recognized veterinary program and to be a key member of Canada's veterinary, public health and food safety networks.