Jessica MacLean
Jessica MacLean

Bursary provides law student a lifeline

Like many students, Jessica found it difficult to manage the rigours of studying with the demands on her time.

I remember the day that I almost gave up on university. It wasn't because it was too hard. It was because I just couldn't see how I could afford it any longer.

I had saved up enough to make it through my first year. But as that year was coming to an end, my funds were running dry. I had no idea how I could continue. I was worried I'd need to go to the food bank to get groceries. I had no money to pay for second year.

Then I started hearing about a few bursaries that were available. I applied, and fortunately I was successful! That's how I'm here today - about to graduate from the College of Law, Class of 2023.

When I found out about the bursaries I was going to receive, it improved my mental health instantly. For the first time ever, I was able to focus entirely on my education. I was able to prioritize my studies - and the path to my career.

I know that those bursaries were funded by generous donors - those bursaries meant everything to me.

I am worried about many of our other students. There are so many students who deserve to be here, but who also face that horrible reality of having to drop out because they simply can't afford to stay. I know the thought of losing hard-working, passionate students troubles all of us.

This year, we know that the costs of being a student are going up - with inflation, interest rates, with higher food costs and rents. There is so much financial pressure on students right now. Especially coming out of two difficult years, when many of us battled isolation and depression during the pandemic.

I hope donors know how thankful students are for their support. Please don't underestimate the impact of your gift, which goes so much further than you'd ever believe.

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