USask Alumni Advisory Board

About the Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board contributes to the development of the institutional alumni engagement strategy and endorses and embraces the same long-term strategic directions shared by the university and the Alumni Relations Office, specifically:

  • Building a strong sense of community amongst alumni and between alumni and the university
  • Contributing to enhance the reputation of the university
  • Expanding alumni engagement with alumni and with current and future students
  • Supporting and celebrating alumni philanthropy

 The Board acts on behalf of and in support to the Alumni Association.

Mandate of the Alumni Advisory Board

The Board will fulfil four (4) main roles:

  • Advisory: To provide advice to the Vice President, University Relations and the Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations on strategic directions, annual priorities, alumni programming and engagement activities, and through them to the President. The Alumni Advisory Board will offer the unique perspective of alumni to ensure that the university’s vision is sensitive to the needs and interests of alumni.
  • Representational: Under the oversight of and in alignment with the university to serve as an impartial and distinct voice. To represent as much as possible alumni in their diversity to better support the university and provide pertinent counsel to the institution’s alumni engagement function.
  • Participatory: To encourage connections among alumni and between alumni and members of the university community. It helps build and maintain connections with prospective and current students; develop greater coordination across the university and alumni communities between all groups engaging in alumni engagement activities; review and evaluate alumni engagement plans, programs and activities; and set for itself philanthropic goals and support the institution’s fundraising activities. Board members actively participate in alumni engagement programs and events to remain in touch with the engagement experience itself and provide better support.
  • Advocacy: Working closely with the Office, to play an active ambassadorial and connecting role with fellow alumni as appropriate and opportune, in close coordination with the Office.

Appointments to the Alumni Advisory Board

  • Board members are appointed annually by the Vice President, University Relations on the recommendation of the Board, based on the work done by the Nominations & Governance Committee of the Board, supported by the Office.
  • Board members will be appointed for a term of two (2) years, and it will be intended to stagger appointments so that there is adequate opportunity to recruit new members each year. Board members can be renewed for a continuous service of up to 8 years.
  • Officers of the Board will be appointed annually by the Board and will normally serve for a maximum of four (4) years. 

Board Composition

  • The Board can have between fifteen (15) and eighteen (18) members, all of whom are alumni, and can also include one (1) member who is at the time of his or her appointment a more senior student at the university (3rd or 4th year).
  • The Board will maintain a diversity of membership to ensure broad and meaningful representation that reflects the diversity of University of Saskatchewan alumni and students.
  • Board self and collective evaluations will take place annually to ensure continued engagement and continuity, and to provide the opportunity for Board renewal. This process will be led by the Chair of the Nominations & Governance Committee of the Board. While in this role, the Chair of the Nominations & Governance Committee will not be admissible to seek the position of Chair of the Board.

Officers of the Board

  • Officers of the Board shall include a Chair, one (1) or two (2) Vice-Chair(s), and the most recent Past Chair. Vice-Chairs may be considered for eventual ascendency to the position of Chair like any other members of the Board, with the exception of the Chair of the Nominations & Governance Committee.

Advisory Board members

Kelly Strueby (BComm'84) Chair

Pauline Melis (BA'77, MA'82)

Chris Unsworth (DIPAGB'12)

Charlotte Pilat Burns (BSNT'92)

Greg Longster (BComm'92)

Mark Stumborg (BE'80, MSc'86)

Advisory Board support

Guy Larocque Executive Director, Alumni Association

Cara Cowen (BEd'07) Resource