In Memoriam

The Alumni Association has noted, with sorrow, the passing of the following graduates, faculty and staff. 

In Memoriam includes those whose passing we were notified of between May 1 and May 31, 2021. Names are listed by decade of receipt of their first USask degree.

Seaman, Byron J, BE'45, DSC'92, of Calgary, AB, d. April 29, 2021

Doerksen, James W, BA'65, BSP'67, of Ottawa, ON, d. March 2, 2021

Lock, William C, BED'68, of Saskatoon, SK, d. April 30, 2021

Reynolds, Garry L, BSP'62, of Saskatoon, SK, d. May 2, 2021

Peardon, Murray D, AGRIC'73, of Loreburn, SK, d. April 24, 2021

Shewchuk, John J, BSC'71, MD'76, of Saskatoon, SK, d. March 13, 2021

Wieler, Arley A, BED'71, BA'74, MEDUC'78, of Saskatoon, SK, d. April 23, 2021

Hryn, David C, BE'83, of Fredericton, NB, d. May 4, 2021

Bertolo, Susan J, BUSADM'96, of Winnipeg, MB, d. May 7, 2021

Hope, Shaun M, BE'91, BSC'91, of Victoria, BC, d. April 4, 2021

Repetski, Mark B, AGRIC'97, of Brooks, AB, d. April 23, 2021

Tomiyama, Patrick R, BE'15, of Calgary, AB, d. April 27, 2021

Bishopp, William D, of Saskatoon, SK, d. March 20, 2021