Congratulations to the Golden Grads Class of 2022!

It has been 50 years since you graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1972 which earns you the title of University of Saskatchewan Golden Grad! Congratulations on reaching this special milestone.  

It probably seems like yesterday you received your degree. Your life has taken you many places since you left campus, but we hope your memories of the University of Saskatchewan are just as vivid as they were all those years ago. This is a special time to honour you and all you’ve accomplished. Alumni, like you, have shaped our communities, our country and our world. We couldn’t be more proud to call you one of our 169,000 alumni.  

On November 9, we recognize the Golden Grads Class of 2022 with an online celebration including conversations with Golden Grads, Memory Lane, the Honour Roll, and a message from Chancellor Grit McCreath.



We caught up with two members of this year's class of Golden Grads, Gord Haddock (BComm'72) and the Hon. Lynda Haverstock (BEd'72, PGD'75, MEd'77, PhD'85), to reminisce about their time on campus at USask and what it means to them 50 years later.


The year was 1972... The Godfather hit theatres to record crowds, The Guess Who recorded Running Back to Saskatoon, gas was only 10 cents a litre and you graduated from the University of Saskatchewan!



Golden Grads Celebration

 Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Last year over four hundred 1971 grads took part in the online event. All Golden Grads will receive a pin and parchment to commemorate this important milestone.

There is still time to register to receive your Golden Grad commemorative parchment and pin. Sign up by November 15, 2022 to receive your package by mail.

What's one of the highlights from your time at the University of Saskatchewan?

Submit your memories by emailing 



Let's take a trip down memory lane!

Take a trip down memory lane with your peers by viewing the stories, memories, traditions and photos that were shared by your fellow Golden Grads.  

Email your photos and stories for Memory Lane to



Did you make our honour roll?

Browse our honour roll below to see the list of classmates who have registered for our online celebration.

You can still register here for the event to receive your Golden Grad commemorative parchment and pin. Sign up by November 15, 2022 to receive your package by mail.

Abrahamowicz, Stanley M. (BA'72)

Achtemichuk, Lawrence L. (MA'72, BA'62)

Adolphe, Dale F. (BSA'72)

Akister, Maurice H. (BSA'72)

Alexander, Neil S. (AGRIC'72)

Allan, Brian W. (MSc'72, BE'70)

Allyn, Deborah K. (BSc'72)

Amon, Frank B. (BE'72)

Amundrud, Irvin T. (BEd'72)

Antymniuk, Robert J. (BAPE'72, BEd'73)

Argue, Sharen E. (BEd'69, BMus'72)

Armstrong, Wade R. (AGRIC'72)

Arnold, Warren K. (BComm'72)

Atimoyoo, Elizabeth A. (BA'72)

Audette, Robert J. (PhD'72, BA'66)

Baker, Randall J. (LLB'72, BA'69)

Banks, Cheryl D. (BEd'72, BA'69)

Barber, Joanne P. (BEd'72, BSHEC'70)

Barron, Robert A. (BSc'72)

Bartsch, Donald E. (BE'72)

Bartsch, Trudy E. (BEd'72)

Basky, Karen E. (BEd'72)

Bauer, Beryl R. (BA'96, BEd'72)

Beaton, Joan D. (BA'79, BSN'72)

Beckett, Joanne N. (BSP'70, BA'72)

Beesley, David C. (BSc'72)

Belland, Patricia A. (BMus'72)

Ber, Leonard G. (AGRIC'72)

Bergman, Clifford W. (BE'72)

Berthelet, Elaine M. (BSN'72)

Berven, William B. (BAdmin'72)

Bilodeau, Florent P. (BEd'72, BA'67, EDUC'67)

Bishop, Neil B. (BEd'70, BA'71, MA'72)

Bolton, Ronald J. (MSc'77, BE'72)

Boon, Robert H. (BE'72)

Bourgeois, Denis G. (AGRIC'72)

Boychuk, Lesia R. (MD'78, SC'73, BSc'72)

Boyko, Jack P. (BEd'72)

Braitenbach, Doreen C. (BEd'72)

Brecknell, Reginald C. (BA'72)

Brockman, Audrey R. (BA'72, BEd'75)

Brockman, Ronald P. (BA'66, DVM'70, MSc'72)

Brown, Connie L. (PGD'78, BEd'72)

Brown, Howard A. (BEd'72)

Bruce, Larry D. (BE'72)

Brule, Donna E. (BA'72, BEd'71)

Brusky, Barry L. (BA'72, BEd'79, MEd'89)

Brusky, Donna L. (BEd'73, BSHEC'72)

Bryksa, Nelson A. (BAPE'72, BA'73)

Buckingham, Mal K. (AGRIC'72)

Bui, Kien-Nghia (MSc'78, BSA'72)

Byers, Ronald W. (BA'72)

Callingham, Judy D. (BSc'71, SC'72, MSc'73)

Campbell, James R. (EDADM'72, BEd'59, EDUC'59, BSA'56)

Campbell, William J. (LLB'72)

Caswell, William S. (BE'72)

Cawood, Diane I. (BSN'72)

Chattopadhyay, Prasanta K. (PGD'72)

Cherneski, Gerald J. (BEd'72)

Cheveldayoff, Philip (BEd'82, BA'72)

Christian, Jeffrey D. (BA'72)

Ciona, Sylvia A. (BEd'72)

Clarke, Wallace W. (MD'72, BA'66)

Collacott, Brenda K. (BPT'84, PHYSIO'72)

Cook, Darrel A. (MSc'78, BSc'72)

Cooper, Earl S. (BComm'72, BSc'70)

Coppens, Gerard J. (BA'71, ARTS'72)

Cory, Doris E. (CTGEDU'72, BSN'68)

Coutts, Gerald W. (BSA'72)

Coutts, Sheri L. (BEd'73, BSHEC'72)

Cox, Roberta A. (BSHEC'72)

Crozier-Smith, David H. (BEd'72)

Curts, Brian W. (BE'72)

Dadiotis, Helen M. (BSHEC'72)

Daniel, Luc D. (BA'75, BEd'72)

Danielson, Daniel R. (MEd'88, PGD'86, BA'84, BEd'72)

Das Gupta, Partha R. (PhD'72)

Dauk, Germain A. (BEd'66, BA'72)

Daviduk, Emile M. (MBA'72, BComm'71)

Davies, Murray W. (MD'72, BSP'68, BA'66)

Davis, Alan R. (BSc'72)

Denhoff, Marshall S. (BSc'72)

Desautels, Joseph L. (BSc'72, DVM'76)

Ditson, Donald C. (BComm'72)

Dmytrisin, Olga J. (BSP'72)

Doepker, Walter M. (BEd'92, BSc'72)

Doetzel, Larry E. (BEd'72)

Dudar, Donna D. (BAPE'71, BEd'72)

Duke, Claude D. (BEd'72)

Duncan, Leslie A. (BSP'72, BSc'70)

Elenko, Doreen K. (BEd'72, BSHEC'63)

Elliot, Norman R. (BE'72)

Elliott, David T. (BSc'72)

England, Mary d. (PGD'83, BEd'74, BA'72)

Epp, Ernest J. (MEd'74, PGD'72)

Eschuk, Gregory A. (BE'72)

Evans, Lawrence K. (JD'72, BA'69)

Evans, Marie E. (NURS'72)

Foster, Robert K. (BSA'70, MSc'72)

Frederick, Allan D. (BComm'72)

Fulton, Michael R. (MEd'72, EDADM'71, BEd'70)

Ganz, Herbert F. (BEd'73, BSA'72)

Geall, Edward W. (BE'72)

Gelhorn, Donald G. (MD'79, BSA'74, BSc'72)

Gellner, Rodney W. (BA'72)

Gendur, Gordon A. (BA'72, BEd'71)

Genest-Conway, Beverly C. (BSc'72)

George, Cheryl L. (BSN'72)

Gerwing, Victoria (BSc'71)

Gibney, Gwendolyn H. (BEd'72)

Gill, James W. (AGRIC'72)

Gilliland, George B. (MD'72)

Goldman, Lyn R. (ARTS'73, BA'72)

Graham, Brian L. (BE'72, MSc'74, PhD'76)

Graham, Florence M. (BEd'72, PGD'85)

Graham, Walter J. (BEd'71)

Grover, Mohinder S. (PhD'74, MSc'72)

Guilloux, Edith F. (BSN'72)

Haddock, John G. (BComm'72)

Hamel, Eugene (BComm'72)

Hammer, Marie I. (MEd'72, BEd'70)

Hammer, Ted (BEd'50, BA'56, PhD'62)

Hartney, Michael P. (BEd'72, BA'69)

Hawkins, Rodger G. (MBA'72, BSc'69)

Henryk, John K. (BSA'72, BSc'73, MBA'81)

Herasymowych, Oksana S. (MSc'72, BA'67)

Hird, Richard J. (BE'72)

Holub, Mavis L. (BEd'66, BA'72)

Hoover, Barbara B. (BEd'72, BA'81)

Howse, Gail B. (BSA'72)

Howse, Keith W. (BSA'72)

Hubbard, Lanny T. (BE'70, MSc'72)

Hunt, Douglas A. (BSc'72)

Hymers, Eldon J. (BE'72)

Ignatiuk, Gerald T. (BEd'72)

Jahnke, Brian R. (BA'72)

Johnson, Donald C. (DMD'72, BA'72)

Johnson, Douglas K. (BAdmin'72)

Josey, Dianne M. (BEd'75, BSHEC'72)

Jutras, James A. (MEd'89, BEd'76, BA'72)

Keehr, Nancy J. (BSc'72)

Ketilson, Keith R. (BComm'72)

Khaladkar, Vikas (LLB'76, BA'72)

Kilman, Elizabeth C. (BSHEC'72)

King, Neil G. (AGRIC'72)

Kirkland, Kenneth J. (MCEd'72, BSA'71)

Klaibert, Bernadette M. (BEd'72, BSHEC'69)

Klesse, Allan H. (BE'72)

Klopoushak, Alicia J. (BEd'75, BA'72)

Knecht, Walter E. (BE'72)

Knoll, David C. (JD'78, BA'72)

Knox, Graham R. (BSc'72, ARTS'97, ESL'03)

Kowalow, Stephen W. (BEd'77, BSc'72)

Kraft, Jacob (BEd'72)

Kramer, Dale E. (BSA'72)

Kurtze, William L. (MBA'72, BA'66)

Laforge, Cyril M. (BSA'72)

Laird, Norma J. (BSN'72)

Lambden, Terry L. (BE'72)

Lanoie, Linea R. (DMD'72)

Latowski, Judith R. (BSHEC'72)

Lee, Jack C. (BComm'72, BA'69)

Levy, Joanne T. (ARTS'73, BA'72)

Lewis, Steven J. (BA'72, MA'73)

Linn, Dale G. (BAPE'69, LLB'72)

Linnen, Kenneth G. (BE'72)

Lipp, John (EDADM'72, BEd'66, BA'66)

Lisko, Marvin E. (BComm'72)

Lissel, Harold A. (BE'72)

Loppacher, James W. (BE'72)

Lowenberger, Frederick A. (BEd'72)

Luhning, Kenneth A. (BEd'72)

Lundgren, Keith B. (AGRIC'72)

MacKenzie, Joan F. (BEd'71, BA'72)

Maduck, Nick A. (BSc'71, SC'72)

Mah, Jean E. (BEd'72)

Manchester, Carolyn J. (BA'72)

Mansfield, Shirley M. (BA'72)

Manz, David H. (BE'72, MSc'74)

Martel, Yvon A. (PhD'72)

Martin, John A. (BE'72)

Matt, Sonja M. (BSHEC'72)

McAlister, Thomas C. (BA'79, BEd'72)

McCarthy, Brian J. (BSA'72)

McCaw, Boyd T. (BEd'71, BA'72)

McDonald, Michael W. (BMus'72)

McGillivray, Janet L. (BSP'72)

McMullen, Linda M. (PhD'81, MA'77, ARTS'73, BA'72)

McPhail, James L. (BA'72)

Meckler, Richard J. (BEd'72)

Meier, Elizabeth A. (BEd'91, MEd'91, BA'72)

Mevel, Jean M. (BEd'72)

Mewhort, Lawrence E. (BE'72)

Milen, Derek G. (LLB'75, BA'72)

Miller, Clifford P. (BA'72)

Milos, Gloria J. (BSN'72)

Mitchell, Roger I. (BAPE'71, BEd'72)

Moffat, Richard G. (BComm'72)

Moore, Judith M. (BEd'72)

More, Melville E. (DVM'72)

Morrison, John A. (BE'72, MSc'80)

Motruk, Eugene M. (HOSADM'72)

Mutlow, William B. (BSA'72)

Muzichuk, Elaine A. (BSHEC'72, BEd'73)

Myall, Sylvia O. (BA'72, BEd'77)

Nagy, Joseph G. (BSA'72, MSc'74)

Neish, Glen A. (AGRIC'72)

Neumann, Seymore L. (BComm'72)

Niekamp, Leo A. (MEng'93, BE'72)

Nighttraveller, Jerilyn (BEd'72)

Nisbet, Malcolm (AGRIC'72)

Nisbet, Ronald A. (BComm'72)

Nordlund, Myrtle J. (BEd'72)

Norminton, David H. (BA'72)

Olson, Gladys J. (BA'72)

Oman, Denise M. (BA'72)

Ottoson, David C. (SC'77, BA'72)

Ozirney, Fred N. (MEd'84, BEd'72, BAPE'71)

Panter, Dwaen G. (BComm'72)

Pawlus, Jean (BEd'72)

Pearson, John G. (MSc'79, PGD'76, BSc'72)

Phillips, Bruce R. (BSc'72)

Phillips, Gary W. (BE'72)

Plosz, David J. (DMD'72)

Podborochynski, Gary L. (BE'72)

Poirier, Denis J. (BEd'72)

Pokraka, Edward S. (SC'75, BSc'72)

Powell, Daniel W. (BSc'72)

Puhl, Norman F. (BSP'72)

Pylypec, Bohdan (BEd'79, MSc'75, BSc'72)

Raj, Samuel (PhD'72, MA'68)

Rajcoomar, Bhagwandatt (BA'72, MD'76)

Reich, Morris D. (MD'75, SC'72, BSc'70)

Rieger, Sidney C. (BComm'72)

Robert, Randolph A. (BEd'72)

Rodenbush, Dale E. (BSP'72)

Rodger, Bruce A. (DVM'77, BSc'72)

Rolheiser, Kenneth P. (BA'72, BEd'68)

Russell, Ronald J. (LLB'72, BA'71)

Sader, Suliman I. (BEd'79, BSc'72)

Samoluk, Ronald W. (BEd'72)

Sauer, Larry R. (MEd'92, PGD'89, BEd'72)

Sauer, Leanne M. (BSN'72)

Sawyer, Olive M. (BEd'72)

Schaan, Norma Jean (BSN'72)

Schaefer, Richard J. (BEd'72)

Schlekewy, Dennis M. (AGRIC'72)

Scott, Doreen L. (BSN'72)

Scott, Marian J. (BEd'72)

Scott, Maureen M. (PGD'99, BEd'95, BA'72)

Sealy, John E. (BE'72)

Seguin, Leon J. (BE'72)

Semenoff, Robert G. (BSP'72)

Shepherd, Stephen L. (BComm'72, MBA'77)

Shorten, Alex A. (JD'72, BA'67)

Siegle, Garry K. (BComm'72)

Sirois, Valerie L. (BA'72, ARTS'73)

Sladen, Norman A. (BSA'72)

Snodgrass, Phyllis R. (BSN'72)

Spangenberg, Diane L. (BSP'72)

Sproule, Lionel N. (BEd'72)

Stangel, James J. (BEd'72, BA'66, EDUC'67)

Stepko, Janis L. (nee Dahl) (EDUC'72)

Stinson Dorsch, Constance A. (BLT'72)

Stone, George R. (BA'72)

Storey, Dianne J. (BEd'72, BSHEC'68)

Strom, Gordon M. (BEd'72)

Sullivan, Margaret E. (BSN'69, BA'69, ARTS'72, MA'76)

Swanson, Barry L. (BSA'72)

Szuba, Linda J. (BA'72)

Tam, Chung-Ngok I. (BA'72)

Tanner, Edward W. (BSA'72)

Taylor, David J. (SC'73, BSc'72)

Thiessen, Cornelius D. (BA'70, SC'72)

Thompson, Bonita J. (LLB'72, BA'70)

Thompson, Geraldine G. (ARTS'73, BA'72)

Thrasher, Ronald J. (LLB'72)

Tien, Robert G. (BComm'73, BSc'72)

Totton, Patricia M. (BSN'72)

Tremblay, Maurice A. (BE'72)

Turko, Gregory A. (MA'72, ARTS'71, BA'70)

Turner, Verna G. (BEd'73, BSHEC'72)

Tweidt, Lowell I. (BE'72)

Tycholiz, Leslie M. (BComm'72)

Uhmann, Eric (BA'66, EDUC'67, BEd'72)

Uhryn, Ernest E. (BA'69, BEd'70, BSP'72)

Veller, Ronmus J. (BEd'72, PGD'76, BA'78)

Volk, William J. (BSA'75, BSc'72)

Walls, Elwood K. (BSc'72, ARTS'75, MSc'77)

Walper-Bossence, Brenda A. (LLB'74, BA'72)

Walter, Daryl E. (BSP'69, MBA'72)

Walton, Fredrick K. (LLB'72, BA'69)

Wasyliw, Raymond O. (BE'72)

Weimer, Karen J. (BSHEC'72)

Weins, Ted W. (SC'72, BSc'69)

Welker, Terrance R. (BE'72)

Welta, Nancy E. (BA'72)

Wendling, Ronald V. (BE'72)

Weston, Douglas A. (BSc'72)

White, Bernard E. (DMD'72)

Whittmire, Donald M. (BA'71, BEd'72)

Wiebe, Peter (BA'78, BEd'72)

Wiensz, Theodore H. (BA'69, JD'72)

Williamson, Bryan E. (BE'72)

Willy, Allan J. (PGD'76,'73, BSc'72)

Wilson, Deanna J. (BEd'72, BSHEC'69)

Wilson, James A. (DMD'72, BA'68)

Wilson, John S. (DVM'72)

Woloschuk, Sharon F. (BSHEC'72)

Wood, Hugh C. (BE'66, MSc'69, PhD'72)

Wood, Lavinia E. (BA'72)

Workman, William B. (BComm'72)

Wyatt, Jon J. (BE'72)

Yaworski, Brian A. (BA'72, JD'78)

Yee, Hong L. (BA'72)

Zabawski, Steven A. (BComm'72)

Zawislak, Patrick W. (JD'76, BA'72)

Zentner, Patrick D. (AGRIC'72)

Zepp, John E. (BSA'72, MSc'74)


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