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Alumni Achievement Awards Nomination form

Please review the Terms of Reference and the below information carefully prior to submitting your nomination. For questions, please contact the Advancement Office at or 1-800-699-1907 / 306-966-5186.

The nomination package must include:

  1. a nomination submission created by the nominator that is a summary of the nominee's achievements and provides rationale for why the nominee should be selected to receive this award (can be submitted via this form or by mail or email to the contact information below);
  2. two letters of support from additional professional and/or community references (these letters can be emailed/mailed to our office).


  1. The nominator may provide supplemental information such as CV, resume, or relevant news articles (max 5 documents). However, these documents are considered optional and may not be reviewed as part of the primary nomination package. Please mail or email these to the Advancement Office. 


Nominator OR at least one of two supporters must be a USask alumnus.


Must be alumni of the University of Saskatchewan.

Award Selection:

The Alumni Achievement Award Selection Committee will independently review and rank each nominee according to the award criteria. The highest aggregate scores and discussion by the committee members will determine the recipients of the Alumni Achievement Awards.

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Nominee Information

Nominator Information

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Nomination Categories

Award categories: 

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award
    1. As the highest honour presented by the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association (USAA), this award recognizes an alumnus/alumna for an outstanding lifetime of personal and professional accomplishments and contributions to the social, cultural, and economic well-being of society in their field(s) of endeavor.
  2. Outstanding Impact Award
    1. This award recognizes an extraordinary alumnus/alumna who is currently making significant personal and professional contributions in society, demonstrating exceptional leadership in their field(s) of endeavour, maintaining a standard of excellence that inspires their colleagues and peers, with promise of future achievement and resulting in a demonstrable betterment of their community
  3. One to Watch Award
    1. This award recognizes a young alumnus/alumna who is making significant personal and professional contributions in society, resulting in a demonstrable betterment of their community, and setting an example for fellow and future alumni to follow. Nominees and recipients must be 35 years of age or younger and must have graduated within 10 years or less as of the nomination deadline.

Nomination letter

Step 1: Biographical summary

(Maximum 500 words)

Please introduce the nominee:

  • Your relationship with the nominee
  • Their background
  • Their education
  • Their career/vocation thus far

Step 2: Outstanding Accomplishments

Clearly explain the nominees outstanding accomplishments which have had a transformative impact in their field of endeavor/expertise. Maximum 500 words.


  • What awards and recognition has the nominee received?
  • What is the nominee's record of leadership in their personal and/or professional community?
  • How has the nominee set a high overall standard of personal and professional excellence?

Step 3: Community Contributions

If applicable, clearly explain any outstanding philanthropic contributions they have made, including volunteer accomplishments, that have benefited the social, cultural, and economic well-being of society. Maximum 500 words.


  • How has the nominee engaged in acts of volunteerism and community service in their personal and professional community?
  • How do they inspire peers and the broader community through their leadership in their spheres of influence?

Step 4: Reflection of USask Values

Describe how the nominee’s personal and/or professional pursuits and achievements reflect the values of USask. Maximum 500 words.


  • Does the nominee embrace manacihitowin (Cree/Michif for “let us respect one another”) and embody a spirit of inclusive diversity in their work?
  • Does the nominee uphold the University of Saskatchewan's values of integrity, honesty and ethics, and commitment to Be What the World Needs?

Step 5: Additional Information

Is there anything else you would like to add about the nominee that has not been captured in your nomination package? Maximum 500 words.

Letter of Support #1

Please send your letters of support to or mail to the Advancement Office at the address located below.

To assist you in requesting letters of recommendation, please see the template requesting a letter of support. 

Letter of Support #2

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For questions regarding the Alumni Achievement Awards or the nomination process or to submit supporting documents, please contact us at:  

By email:

By phone:
1-800-699-1907 / 306-966-5186

By mail:
Advancement Office
Attn: Alumni Achievement Awards Selection Committee
G15 Thorvaldson Building
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Please ensure that you are not submitting confidential or sensitive information.