USask students need YOU to navigate crises with strength

Through all the ups and downs of coping with a pandemic, and the many challenges University of Saskatchewan (USask) students were faced with as we quickly transitioned to online learning, we are still so resilient—thanks to the support of our community.

As we take our final exams and hand in our end-of-term papers, I am so proud of the ways in which my fellow students have adapted to accomplish our educational goals—and we are now one year closer to fulfilling our dreams. We’ve found creative ways to study and connect with each other virtually, and we have pushed our limits in all areas of our lives.

However, many students face real life and health challenges, on top of the enormous pressures and stresses that come with pursing higher education. The only way they have been able to finish their classes is because they have had had access to critical emergency funding and donor support in times of need.

In my role as VP, Student Affairs with the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU), I see the effects of these challenges on my peers and I work hard to advocate for students and their needs. That’s why I’m writing to you today—to ask alumni, leaders and friends, like you, to help students with a donation to help us to finish the year strong.

Many students are experiencing financial distress after losing part-time work this year and now facing ever tougher competition for summer jobs. Students are coping with mental health challenges that come from increased stress and social isolation. Many are struggling to make ends meet, and pay for basic living expenses like food and rent.

You can help though, with a donation of any amount to support students’ health and wellness:
  • Gifts to the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust help students experiencing financial hardship or crisis. You help students navigate unforeseen family, health or medical emergencies and help cover the basic necessities of food and shelter during this challenging time. Your gift to this fund can be the difference between a student finishing their degree and dropping out—it’s that critical!
  • Donations to the student-led Peer Health Initiative support all students through education and outreach in the areas of mental health, substance use dependence and disorders, sexual health, healthy relationships and lifestyles, invisible disabilities, and assistance for student-parents. Your gift contributes to healthy minds, healthy bodies and much-needed social support—SO important right now!

I believe university can be such a positive and inspiring time, as we learn, grow and better ourselves—but this year we have faced so many additional stresses, setbacks and challenges. When I hear stories about how these two funds help students, I am so relieved we have people like you by our side, helping us succeed despite the obstacles.

Jory McKay - VP, Student Affairs, USSU
Jory McKay - VP, Student Affairs, USSU

I hope you will consider making a gift to support students right now. When you donate, it gives students hope that there is someone out there who believes in them, especially in these overwhelming and uncertain times. Your support becomes their motivation to succeed and continue despite the current world challenges.

This past year has not been easy for anyone, but I do hope that we can count on you to help us succeed in our education. I believe helping one another is the foundation of our USask community, and students are so grateful to people like you who stand by us in times of need.

Thank you so much for all you do for University of Saskatchewan students!

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