Searching for the owner of a 50-year old wedding ring

Alumni News

The search is on for the owners of a mysterious wedding ring, found in a Saskatoon garden by Colleen Christensen, Executive Director of the Feeds Innovation Institute here at the University of Saskatchewan.

The ring is extra special—because according to the engraving found on the inside—J & J 8/9/62—the owner of this ring will soon be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

The ring was found entwined in a bunch of lilies that were originally dug up from Christensen's family farm in Young, meaning the owners could potentially be from Young, or a past owner of her home in Saskatoon. With the possibility of the owner being a U of S alumnus, Christensen is even more determined to find them.

Christensen has checked all the owners of her Saskatoon home back to 1960 through the Henderson's directory, but there's been no match of initials. She's also searched through the Star Phoenix microfiche for August and September of 1962 but hasn't found a match there either.

"If anybody knows somebody who's approaching a 50th wedding anniversary with the initials J and J, that would be a way to find them," Christensen said.


If you have any information on the potential owner of the ring, please contact Colleen Christensen at (306) 966-4154.

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