24 hours to support our students

Max FineDay is a third-year political studies student and president of the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union

As the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU) president, I’m here to speak for students. I want to make sure they’re getting the most out of their experience at the U of S. The best part of my job is talking with students—finding out their hopes and dreams, and their suggestions for the university.

Students are telling me that costs are a challenge. They’re having trouble paying their rent on time, affording transportation and healthy food, and buying textbooks. I’ve taken on a campaign to get cheaper textbooks for students so they don’t have to worry so much about that cost and can better focus on their studies. Every little bit helps.

They are also telling me about the great things they are doing in addition to their studies when they have the support they need. Students are volunteering at seniors’ homes, working on issues of social justice around the world, and focusing on Indigenous rights. I’m really proud to be president of the USSU because I get to see the great work students are doing every day at our university and in our community.

That’s why today, on Wednesday, December 18, the University of Saskatchewan’s first annual day of giving – Focus on our Future – is so important to me personally. Today our entire campus community, alumni and friends join together to support students — students I speak with, and advocate for, each and every day.  Today, we can help reward their academic achievements, provide them with financial support and peace of mind, and help them to continue to make a difference in our community.

We can do this together.  If each one of us makes one gift to support U of S students – no matter the size — the difference is huge.  

That's why I am asking you to join me by making a gift TODAY to support the Annual Campaign for Students, which ensures scholarships and bursaries go to deserving students right now, for the 2013-14 school year. I know that scholarships and bursaries help students the most, and if we all make one gift on one day, we can make a big difference for students across campus and the province.

I understand the difference that kind of help makes. Last year, I spent a semester studying at the University of Nordland in Bodø, Norway, and was fortunate enough to get a U of S scholarship during my time there. Rent and food were so expensive, I was wondering if my savings were going to hold out.

Before my scholarship came through, I was eating a lot of rice…and doing a lot of shopping from the bargain bin. After the money came in, I could afford to shop outside of the dented soup can aisle! It really goes to show the huge difference financial support can make—it helps students in the most tangible way, so that they can put more money into things like healthy food.

Because I know first-hand how important it is to support students, I am asking you to join me and focus on our future, because students truly are our future. They are our next leaders, doctors, teachers and artists.  Today, for just 24 hours, let's rally together for them, and show them how much we believe in them and what they can accomplish both at university and when they graduate.

Please give any amount to any college, department or academic program. You can also choose to support students with the greatest need in any college, through gifts to the Centennial Fund.

I just ask that you make your gift today, on Wednesday, December 18. You can visit give.usask.ca/students or phone (306) 966-5186 (1-800-699-1907 toll-free) to make your gift right now.

Your dollars go a long way to supporting students and their dreams. I can guarantee that they'll remember that gift, and that one day they'll give back to help other students too.

Thank you for joining me today, on Wednesday December 18, to help U of S students now and in the future.

Max FineDay

USSU President


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