Receiving a scholarship makes a world of difference

  Ally Chertez, student and Centennial Fund scholarship recipient, is grateful to University of Saskatchewan alumni. Ally received a $2,000 scholarship from the Centennial Fund this year and is able to study her passions at the U of S, thanks to alumni support of the Annual Campaign for Students. “I’m one of those people who wants to study everything!” says Ally, a second-year student in the College of Arts and Science. “Archaeology. History. Everything! When archaeology comes up, a light just goes on. I thrived in that class.” Ally is immensely grateful for the assistance it provided her. “Getting a bursary or any kind of support, especially from an accredited institution, comes with a definite aura about it. It pushes you forward a little bit. Sometimes it can be just that little push that you need.”

She adds, "It certainly helped me recognize my potential: it gave me that little bit of confidence to pursue my goals and dreams. And it's an absolutely terrific help, financially speaking. It's a cliché to say - you can't believe how much it helps - but it alleviates so many things and reduces a lot of risks. It's an extra set of hands to help."
In 2012 over 5,300 alumni raised $1.3 million to support students at the University of Saskatchewan with scholarships and unique learning opportunities through the campaign. This year, our goal is $1.4 million to create and enhance student scholarships in all colleges.

Ally enthusiastically encourages alumni to support student scholarships through this year's campaign because she knows first-hand just how much assistance it provides. "To know that you've been able to help someone and that they owe you so much in life—that you helped make somebody? Well, that should help anyone sleep well at night."

To help give students the support they need to continue their meaningful journey at the U of S, make your gift to the Annual Campaign for Students 2013-14 right now. Whether it's a few dollars a month, or one larger contribution, it all matters.

Your commitment means a community of support and gives students like Ally opportunities to grow, learn and move closer to their educational and career goals. You can support your college or ensure your gift goes to students with the greatest need in any college—you decide.

To find out more information about the Annual Campaign for Students, or to make a donation, call 1-800-699-1907 or visit

Your gift is the extra support students need on their incredible journey at the U of S and beyond. That journey begins with you right now.
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