Dave Nordin's steps to Saskatoon

Through blisters, fatigue, and inclement weather, Dave Nordin's (BSc'84) excellent adventure from Calgary to Saskatoon continues.

Nordin has been walking from his home in Calgary all the way to Saskatoon, approximately a 600km trek, in an effort to raise funds for two important causes. Nordin lost both his parents to heart disease, so the walk is raising funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The walk is also supporting the University of Saskatchewan's Ore Gangue Bursary Fund. Nordin has been connected with the Ore Gangue Students' Society for more than 35 years and hopes to raise the profile of the bursary fund.

At a pace of completing 25-30km a day, with a day of rest scheduled periodically, Nordin has crossed the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, and is now in Kindersley, SK.

Racking up all of those footsteps in one day has been taxing for Nordin. He has been battling and treating severe blisters through the lengthy endeavour. However, wear and tear has not been Nordin's only obstacle. He cites May 22 as the toughest day of the trek as he encountered rain, snow, and high wind while walking through Beiseker, AB, early in the trip. Nordin estimates that he will take over 900,000 steps on the walk from Calgary to Saskatoon.

Nordin has recovered many artifacts in his travels, including several bungee cords. In one video posted, he joked that he would be starting a Usable Bunjee Enhancement Recycling program, or "UBER".

So far, Nordin has raised approximately $14,000 for the Heart and Stroke and over $4,000 for the Ore Gangue Bursary Fund. At current pace, he expects to be arriving in Saskatoon on June 17, completing his walk upon arrival at the U of S.

You can follow Nordin throughout his journey back to Saskatoon on his Facebook page and you can learn more about the walk here.

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