Your donation drills down the cost of an education

When working with drills, needles and probes in a space that is about 50 millimeters wide, you want someone with a steady hand and calming presence.

College of Dentistry student Steven Arcand is that person.

Even when faced with over a dozen final exams, working with patients and preparing to move home for the summer, Steven is unflappable – just the kind of person you want working on your teeth.

Thanks to the support of donors to the Annual Campaign for Students this past year, Steven was rewarded for his hard work with a $1000 scholarship in his third year. As all dentistry alumni know, in a program that costs $32,960 each year, every cent counts.

"I'm paying my own way through university, so the support I've received from donors is very much appreciated," says Steven. "Any money that I don't have to repay makes a huge difference to me. The added benefit is knowing that graduates from the College of Dentistry care about students today. You've been where I am and you know what I'm experiencing."

Steven Arcand was rewarded for his dedication and achievement with a scholarship funded through the Annual Campaign for Students (Photo: Ian Chang).

Studying dentistry is a commitment that consumes every waking moment of Steven's time. "From when I wake up until I go to sleep, I'm learning," says Steven. In the most recent term, he arrived on campus at 7:30 am and would work until 6:00 pm – first in classes like fixed prosthodontics (learning about crowns, fixed dentures and veneers) and oral surgery and then into the dental clinic where he would see two to three patients each day.

"Some alumni have told me that third year is the hardest, because it's when you move into the clinic but you still have a large course load. Learning how to work with real patients has been a really rewarding part of this past year," he adds.

Over the summer, Steven has returned to his hometown of Prince Albert, SK to practice with a local dentist and continue to build his skills. But he had to get through 13 exams in ten days first.

"Although the exam period went by very fast, finishing the last exam was a relief. It felt good to be able to walk out of the exam and not have to immediately get back into the books."

Despite the pressure, he's anxious to get back to class in the middle of August to start his final year of study. "We're a tight-knit group in dentistry, and getting to know students in each year of the program as well as the staff and faculty helps all of us to deliver better and more critical care to patients," he says.

"The scholarships and bursaries from the Campaign for Students make alumni a part of our team, too, and I'm thankful for your support."

Over $848,000 was raised this past year through the Annual Campaign for Students to support student scholarships, bursaries, and awards. Read more about how the Annual Campaign for Students made a major difference for students this past year in the Expanding Our Horizons series:

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Christy Miller is the Director of Alumni & Development Communications in University Relations.

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