In just two weeks, Kokum Rap has been viewed almost 8,000 times on YouTube. (Kokum Rap/Youtube )

Kokums embrace hip hop by creating their own Cree rap video

Spoken word poet Zoey Roy (BEd'17) taught kokums how to rap.

Rapping on camera to a hip hop beat is not for the faint of heart, but four kokums from Saskatchewan, who were recently featured in an article by CBC News, did exactly that this year.

And they did it in Cree.

They smile, smirk and look directly into the camera during the video, which is available on YouTube. They dance and show off their indigenous jewlery, hats, street wear and beaded earrings. 

"I was never a country music person actually," said Maria Campbell, who is one of the rapping kokums. 

"That didn't express how I was feeling. And even at my age, rap - you know the sound of rap - it makes me feel alive and creative and it reminds me of the landscape and the storms that we have to go through."

Read more at https://www.cbc.ca/news

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