VoltSafe co-founder William Topping (BE'12) says the company's magnetic extension cords should be on store shelves in December. (Courtney Markewich/Facebook)

Sask. inventors say magnetic extension cord ready to roll out in stores

VoltSafe invents power cord that uses magnets to attach cord to vehicle.

A group of Saskatoon inventors, who were recently featured by CBC News, are convinced their new product will solve one of the biggest frustrations of the winter season — driving away while your extension cord is plugged in.

After years of work, VoltSafe says it is ready to roll out its invention in stores.

The company has come up with a magnetic electrical plug that will snap off if it is pulled on, saving damage to the vehicle's cord and electrical socket attached to the home.

The idea for the business was born after co-founder Arash Janfada (BE'03, MSC'08) drove away from his home without unplugging, ripping a hole in his front bumper and somehow breaking his taillight as the cord whipped around the back of the vehicle.

"He kind of threw up his gloves and declares, like, 'There must be a better way,' almost, like, infomercial style," said co-founder William Topping (BE'12).

After searching for a product that would fulfil his needs, Janfanda started emailing Engineering students at the University of Saskatchewan, asking if they would be interested in working on his project.

Now, after seven years of work, including getting approvals from safety certification boards, it's finally ready to go.

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