Conservative Senator A. Raynell Andreychuk is retiring Aug. 14, after 26 years in the Senate.

Senator Andreychuk retiring after 26 years

A passion for justice and human rights, and a commitment to public service, are some of the defining qualities of the long and illustrious career of Conservative Senator A. Raynell Andreychuk (BA'66, LLB'67).

The well-known Saskatchewan residentwho was recently featured in an article by Saskatoon Star Phoenix, was appointed to the Upper House in 1993 on the advice of former prime minister Brian Mulroney. On Aug. 14, after 26 years in the Senate, Andreychuk will retire on her 75th birthday. Canadian senators are required to retire when they reach this age.

During an interview on the University of Saskatchewan campus, where she obtained her arts and law degrees in 1966 and 1967, Andreychuk referred to herself as the “dean” of the Senate. She noted it feels strange to be facing retirement, given that she’s been employed in some capacity since the age of 15.

“I’ve never been without a job or a responsibility, so all of the sudden people are coming up to me and saying, ‘So what are you going to do next? So are you going to take up golf?’ And I’m going, ‘Don’t talk to me yet, because I’ve got a full plate,’” said Andreychuk, who was born and raised in Saskatoon.

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