USask celebrates the 2020 Future 40 winners

Twenty-two USask alumni and community members were among the winners announced at this year’s CBC Saskatchewan’s Future 40 awards.

Be what the world needs. An ambitious goal, and one we take seriously here at USask.

As do the 22 grads and USask community members who were named one of CBC Saskatchewan's Future 40 this past week. All are striving to make their communities a better place. This group exemplifies what it means to be a USask grad or community member through their hard work, tenacity, and dedication to their profession and craft.

They truly are being what the world needs.

Congrats to the winners on this well-deserved recognition:

Carla Bernier (BEd’04) - A leading education expert in Saskatchewan, Carla Bernier is the first female vice principal and first Indigenous female vice principal at North Battleford Comprehensive High School. She is also a Lead to Learn author and provincial facilitator.

Markus Brinkmann - A new faculty member and toxicologist in USask's Global Institute for Water Security, one of Markus Brinkmann’s key goals is to conduct world-class research to improve environmental quality for everybody in Saskatchewan. Most recently, Markus assembled a team of USask scientists to monitor Saskatoon’s wastewater to track COVID-19 trends and give accurate predictions of upcoming cases.

Corey Bugler (BEd’16) - The founder of a youth soccer organization that focuses on helping Indigenous youth soccer players realize their dream of international travel through sport.

Eliza Doyle (BEd’08) - An educator, music teacher, professional touring and recording artist, songwriter, session musician, and advocate for Saskatchewan.

Rachel Drew (Cert’18) - A successful entrepreneur that is launching her second company while pursuing her law degree and still finding time to give back to the community by volunteering with the Prairie Hospice Society.

Judge Lua Gibb (LLB'05) - Appointed as a provincial court judge in January 2020, Judge Lua Gibb is the youngest judge in the province. She has spent her career working as an advocate for Indigenous people in the justice system.

Brittany Houk (BA’09) - A social activist with extensive volunteer experience, Brittany Houk has dedicated much of her time volunteering in the core community of Saskatoon for over a decade.

Sophie Kokott (BComm’18) - Sophie Kokott has been leading the charge in revitalizing the film community in Saskatchewan for the last several years.

Alana Krug-MacLeod (BSc’20) - An environmental and sustainability influencer–poised to begin graduate work and to become a notable professional ecologist.

Lenore Maier (BA’14) - A community arts organizer and musician that is currently pursuing a graduate degree in public health and constantly looking for innovative ways to make the arts a central and vital part of a larger vision for community health and wellness.

Natalya Mason (BA’14) - Registered social worker and sexual health educator at Saskatoon Sexual Health, Natalya Mason is dedicated to social justice, anti-racism, increased reproductive rights, and queer liberation.

Dr. Hassan Masri - Intensivist and USask professor, Dr. Masri stepped forward in the early days of the pandemic and took on the responsibility of educating the public about the containment of COVID-19. He continues to encourage the people of Saskatchewan to take an active role through physical distancing, quarantine, and self isolation.

Logan Martin-Arcand (BFA’19) - Logan Martin-Arcand is a Queer Indigenous playwright, producer, designer, actor, and advocate for human rights and representation.

Jason Mercredi (BEd’09) - A well-known Saskatoon community member, known for offering his voice on behalf of so many who go unheard. Jason Mercredi offers leadership and insight in tackling many of Saskatchewan's toughest social issues: homelessness, poverty, disability, addictions or the HIV epidemic.

Brandon Needham (BA’05, BEd’07, MEd’13) - Recognized by his school division and the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation (STF) for his leadership and excellence in reconciliation education.

Nahanni Olson (BA’05, BEd’08) - An advocate and an educator who is raising up Indigenous youth through self-empowerment.

Jade Roberts (BEd’18) - An Indigenous educator, podcaster, artist, and community leader. Jade Roberts is incredibly passionate about the power of education as a means for building a brighter future, and how the empowerment of elders and youth can truly make an everlasting impact.

Monique Simair (BSc’04, PhD’09) – A leader and change-maker in the areas of environmental sciences and water management, Monique Simair is working toward her goal of preserving the world's water systems.

Adrianne Vangool (BSKI'08, MPT'10) – Adrienne Vangool is passionate about making physiotherapy and yoga accessible to all so they can improve their lives by achieving their health and movement goals.

Helen Vangool (BA’12, BEd’14) - Helen Vangool is a public school educator in Saskatoon with a passion for social justice and anti-racist education.

Kendra Weenie (BEd’12) - An author, inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator, Kendra Weenie promotes self-care through youth and women's workshops and focuses on giving back through the two non-profits she has co-founded.

Topaza Yu – A current USask student, Topaza Yu has been actively involved in youth empowerment and sexual rights and reproductive health for more than three years. She is dedicated to improving her local Saskatoon community through volunteering and working to create a positive and long-lasting impact for everyone who is a part of her initiatives.

Click here for more information on the award winners.

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