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Winning Wednesdays - Three Saskatoon stories to make you smile

Every Wednesday Tourism Saskatoon plans to bring you a story of people or businesses in our community going above and beyond in one form or another. Today, for their first ever Winning Wednesday, they shared three stories which included several alumni-owned businesses.


9 Mile Legacy made special edition growlers to house their 999th batch of beer, an Imperial Pilsner. This beer was to be served almost like a table wine at the JUNO’s Gala and Banquet.  

“They were intended to talk to our special guests about the common connectivity of music and beer and how a great place like SK emphasizes connection, togetherness, community.” Then the JUNOS were cancelled.

9 Mile Legacy wasn't sure what to do with the growlers until they saw a post from the Friendship Inn. They were inspired to use the growlers to carry on their message of community and do good. They sold the growlers for $30 each, donating every dollar to the Friendship Inn. The Growlers sold out in 6 hours and raised $3000 dollars. 


Stumbletown's Instagram

Inspired by the actions of distilleries in B.C., Craig, an owner of Stumbletown Distillery headed over to his friends at LB Distillers to discuss the idea and how to do it properly. LB Distillers immediately suggested they partner on this. The idea started small with both distilleries contributing small amounts of alcohol to turn into hand sanitizer. They were packaging the sanitizer in small bottles with spray nozzles but found there to be a shortage of these types of bottles. 

That’s when LB Distillers reached out to Blue Cross and secured a donation that allowed them to put the hand sanitizer into larger bottles and get it to those who needed at a much swifter pace.  Orders from health care workers, care homes, food banks, and other critical services have been rolling in and the two distilleries are on track to produce between 6000 and 8000L. 

All manufacturing and packaging is happening at LB Distillers and Craig from Stumbletown says “We are honestly just trying to help in any way we can at this point”. 

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