People of USask: WO Sean Mihalcheon

A strong passion for history, an affinity to serve his country, and a strong devotion to justice inspired WO Sean Mihalcheon (JD’19) to join the Canadian Forces and become a barrister and solicitor.

Warrant Officer Sean Mihalcheon (JD’19) formed an expansive worldview from his time serving overseas in Afghanistan before earning a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Saskatchewan (USask).  

“A law degree seemed like a good fit. With my undergrad in history, and then being in the armed forces as well, a law degree seemed somewhat synonymous,” said Michalcheon. 

His inspiration to join the Canadian Forces came from an interest in history, the influence of family members – including his grandparents who had served – and the impact that the events of the 9/11 attacks in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, had on the world.  

“I was always interested in the military. I remember hearing the stories of shenanigans from my grandparents… I think [the events of 9/11] played a part in it as well. I was in junior high when that happened, and I remember coming to school and classes being cancelled for the day.”  

Having served in Afghanistan as a member of the Canadian Forces, WO Mihalcheon has seen first-hand the impact that Canadians have had on the world. As a Canadian Forces Warrant Officer, he wears his poppy every year to show that he understands that sacrifices that his fellow Canadian Forces members make and the sacrifices of the soldiers before him.   

“I think it’s important for Canadians to just remember. What Remembrance Day is about primarily is to remember all those people that have sacrificed, served, and given their lives. It’s not just another day where people can sleep in or not have to go to the office. The purpose is to remember.” 

Warrant Officer Sean Mihalcheon (JD’19) joined the Canadian Forces in 2005, in his final years of high school. In 2008, he served a seven-month tour in Afghanistan, as one of the 40,000 Canadian Forces members that served in the Afghanistan mission from 2001 to 2014. After returning from his tour, he obtained a history degree, and then attended USask to complete a Juris Doctor law degree. WO Mihalcheon is currently a barrister and solicitor at Williamson Law in Calgary but will soon be working at his own law firm, Highland Law, in December 2022. He continues to serve in the Canadian Forces as a Warrant Officer, often instructing basic training and serving as a mentor to new Canadian Forces recruits.

Lest we forget.  

Join the USask community in honouring those who have served and continue to serve our country this Remembrance Day.

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