People of USask: Bruce Sinclair

Bruce Sinclair (BEd’92), a University of Saskatchewan Métis drama professor, is Indigenous Storyteller-in-Residence for 2023 at the University Library. He is a Métis theatre artist, teacher, student of the nehiyawewin (Cree) and Michif languages, and teaches drama at USask to SUNTEP\ITEP\ISAP students. We asked him a few questions about the importance of words and writing. 

Q. There is a lot of pressure when you talk about being an inspiration. Does it make you nervous when someone says you are an inspiration to them and their work? 

I would be nervous if I was doing something wrong. One has to believe in oneself, your principles, ethics, morals et al. We all remember someone who has done or said something to change your life. Sincerity is essential and knowing when and who to share with. Inspiration is everywhere ... you can be inspired by the sky, a child, a bird, the wind and so on. 

Q. As we all know, words are very powerful. What makes words so impactful? 

Language is an art, words can move mountains and people, knowing many languages is so valuable, oral history is not acknowledged on how valid and powerful it is. The written word is overvalued, but contains many gems to help us through life. 

Q. How do you stoke the fires within a writer to find their best work? 

(It’s) really up to the writer. They seek the fire from within and ask others for guidance and feelings about their writing before they edit, add, subtract ... and read and write all the time. 

Q. What inspires you on the USask campus? 

Simply the young energy, shining lights in eyes, the determination of the teachers, the libraries, the events, the purpose defined, the challenges, the questions, the answers, the known and the unknown. 

Q. Through your eyes, how does USask fit into the narrative of being what the world needs? 

Like any university, there is always hope that a student or a teacher or the work can change the world, address the human condition, find meaning in life, all possibilities. 

It's the People of USask who enable us to be what the world needs.   

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