People of USask: Kacia Whilby

Kacia Whilby (MEd’22) moved from Jamaica to Saskatoon to attend the University of Saskatchewan and now works on the USask campus.

Three years ago, Kacia Whilby (MEd’22) left the gentle cooling breezes of Jamaica for the howling north wind of the Saskatchewan prairie. 

She couldn’t be happier. 

Whilby knew that attending the University of Saskatchewan (USask) was going to be a massive change to her life and lifestyle, but she was ready for the challenge of embracing a new world. 

“I had heard the stories about Canada, I knew it was very multicultural, it looked like a very beautiful place and I saw an opportunity (for me) to grow and expand. I just wanted a new adventure,” said Whilby, who now works on the USask campus at Career Services.  

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